IRONiC Iron Paint & Rust System Kit


Decorative coating with rust effect, for interiors and exteriors

IRONic is a water-based system consisting of a base coat (IRONic Fondo) and an oxidative finish (IRONic Liquido Antichizzante).  The application of IRONic Liquido Antichizzante on IRONic Fondo produces an oxidative effect exactly alike the effect of an iron surface exposed to atmospheric agents’ natural corrosion.  Surfaces decorated with IRONic are dynamic and the aesthetic can change over time.

Ironic Complete System Includes:
Ironic Fondo 2.5L
Ironic Oxidizer 1L
Deco Fix .5L [Primer]
2Screen 1L [Sealer]


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IRONiC Iron Paint & Rust System Kit
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