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  • June 28th, 2022 – Miami, FL – SOLD OUT

  • August 23rd, 2022 – Miami, FL

  • September 27th, 2022 – New York, NY

Registration Cut-Off date: 7 days prior each event. More dates coming soon.

Firenzecolor™ is passionate about the art of decorative finishes and we enjoy the training process. If you are interested in learning how to use our wide variety of products, this class is a great introduction to the Firenzecolor™ product line.

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Welcome to Firenzecolor™

Welcome to Firenzecolor™

Our range of products include Italian Grassello, Marmorino Plasters, Metallic Coatings, Seamless Floor Lime and Cement mixtures, as well as Micro-cements. We have decades long relationships with Premium Italian manufacturers including Novacolor SRL which to date is our most important partner in bringing you the hottest products available in the decorative finishing world.

We have also invested in the Mass Balance Approach, pioneered by BASF, to promote products that will leave a lighter footprint on our precious planet. At Firenzecolor™ we are passionate about the creative process, and specialize in making sure our clients achieve consistent success.

The success of the  Firenzecolor™ brand is underscored by the fact that our products are being used in some of the most prestigious zip codes in the country. 

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Archi+Argilla is a product made with lime and clay. You can build it up and it will no crack or fracture. Our friend @lucadonati76 demonstrating it. #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #venetianplastershop #exoticwallfinishes #grassello #fauxfinishing #stuccoveneziano ...

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Elliott teaching a Seminar in Spanish. Bienvenidos a Miami!
Elliott also had to communicate in Portuguese for this class. Must be nice to be him.

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Firenzecolor.com Great Deals! Buy More, Save More, Up to 25% Discount! #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes ...

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Grassello Fino + is a high quality Venetian Plasters with which you can achieve a smooth polished finish on walls and ceilings. It resists peeling when burnishing. Easy to order online or feel free to call us at (877) 347-3693. Offer does not include tint. https://firenzecolor.com/product/grassello-fino-vp-high-gloss/ #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes ...

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Florenzia is a high quality Grassello that is almost identical to Firenzecolor Grassello Fino.
The recipe is just a little more "buttery" or "softer" in feel to the applicator which makes it feel "easier" to apply.
It is also slightly more translucent allowing the applicator to blend colors easier if you desire a marble like finish. Elliott gives it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. We think you will 💕 it.
Technically You achieve the same result which is a polished Grassello. Novacolor has been working on a recipe for a a great Grassello. So far it's getting great reviews. Thanks to @lucadonati76 for sharing his expertise and thanks to Erik @fauxdesignworks for the great question in the previous post. #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #venetianplasterer #vibrantfinishes #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics

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Metallo Fuso applied by @vibrantwallfinishes They are Located in Southern California. They have Novacolor and Firenzecolor product in stock and supplying applicators and tinting also. Visit their showroom by appointment. #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics ...

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Dune is an amazing metallic micro plaster. Here it is being applied by blending an Aqua and a Blueish color at the same time. Very simple application. You can roll the product on and at the same time working it with a stainless steel trowel. In this application It is being applied in a vertical fashion by using a trowels flat surface to create a subtle shimmering texture. On the darker wall you notice Dune was applied with more of a circular fashion, again using the flat surface of the trowel. Application technique includes a first coat of Novalux Primer tinted to the color of the Dune. For a great finish apply the Primer with a trowel to avoid any "orange peal" effect that is created by a roller. Available in endless colors using a gold or silver base. Check the product out at www.firenzecolor.com online store #Dune #lusterstone #venetianplasterwalls #marmorinotools #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics ...

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Athena is an amazing primer, part of the Wall2Floor system by Novacolor. It can be applied over ceramic tile or even glass. This saves time and expense with demolition. This building built circa 1926 in Mason County, West Virginia is getting a complete remodel using Novacolor and Firenzecolor products. #exoticwallfinishes #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics ...

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Ruston Metal topcoat Marmur Fine Basecoat to duplicate a sample. Firenzecolor can help you produce just the right sample ready for your customers next project. Email: info@firenzecolor.com
website: www.firenzecolor.com #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics #cortensteel

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Luca Donati is the Technical Consultant for Novacolor. In this clip he introduces an exciting new product, ARCHI+Argilla. Clay/ lime hybrid allows your to build it up without cracking. We love it! We hope you enjoy the video. Please feel free to leave your comments. We appreciated Luca visiting from Italy to introduce this product and hope it's fits in with some of your project needs. www.firenzecolor.com #exoticwallfinishes #grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics #venetianplaster #venetianplasterer #venetianplasterwalls ...

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Luca Donati explains how to blend two products such as Ironic and Zeus Silver. He says "it's Da Bomb"! For the complete video showing all the steps, email us at info@firenzecolor.com and ask for "Da Bomb"!
website: www.firenzecolor.com #exoticwallfinishes grassellofino #marmorinoks #marmorinotools #exoticwallfinishes #thefauxcollective #eraveneziana #firenzecolornyc #vibrantfinishes #firenzecolor #novacolorsrl #novacoloritalia #metallics

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Firenzecolor™ is the USA premier supplier of fine imported sustainable coatings. Our range of products include Italian Grassello, Marmorino Plasters, Metallic Coatings, Seamless Floor Lime/Cement mixtures, as well as microcements. Our Premium Italian manufacturer partners include Novacolor SRL which to date is our most important partner, bringing to you the hottest products available in the decorative finishing world.

Firenzecolor™ Showrooms are open by appointment & our warehouses are open to supply you building materials via shipping and curb side delivery. Call us to arrange a visit or place your order here and call us at (877)- FIRENZE for help if you encounter any difficulty with our online store.

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Read more about our investment in the Mass Balance Approach, pioneered by BASF, to promote products that will leave a lighter footprint on our precious planet

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Armand Paul Hoafat explains the principles behind Venetian application tools. Get marvelous wall finishes while applying Italian Plaster techniques. Learn how to use the right tool for the right job!

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