Application process for our Firenzecolor® Metallic Line, Swahili (Silver & Gold)

Swahili is a decorative coating for interiors made of metallic charges and selected quartz aggregates that produce high end visual effects and create a unique game of light and shades. Swahili allows for innovative chromatic and tactile effects that make the environment extremely comfortable and in line with the most cutting-edge trends in interior decoration. Swahili is an easy-to-apply product and allows both the professional and the private decorator to easily achieve high quality effects.

Swahili (Silver & Gold)

Firenzecolor® Capsule Collection & Metallo Fuso

Designer Marketing

Capsule Collection


Capsule Collection

An ideal marketing choice for you to present your clients, our capsule collection contains a wide variety of coating currently made available through our Italian vendor Firenzecolor®.  In total, 84 finishes can be found throughout this hardcover catalog.  The front page has a snap closure and the entire catalog has a handle for easy transport.

Metallo Fuso Designer Box

Metallo Fuso, by Novacolor®, is one of the most luxurious finishes we have available.  The epoxy-resin coating and its liquid metal medium make for a very high end presentation.  The White Box Collection shows off all four of the Metallo colors available, plus two combination finishes, in sample tile form.  It comes complete with a designer booklet insert.

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Educational Workshops

The New Classic Workshop



The New Classic Workshop - Book Now

  • May 23rd, 2023 – Miami, FLSOLD OUT
  • July 11th, 2023 – New York, NY
  • August 1st, 2023 – Miami, FL

Registration Cut-Off date: 7 days prior each event. More dates coming soon.

Firenzecolor™ is passionate about the art of decorative finishes and we enjoy the training process. If you are interested in learning how to use our wide variety of products, this class is a great introduction to the Firenzecolor™ product line.

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Firenzecolor™ Events

Firenzecolor™ Let's Get Bold Event for Applicators


Firenzecolor™ Let's Get Bold Event for Applicators

A heritage is the legacy of the past that bears witness to a cultural identity considered essential for the protection of what will come tomorrow.

For this reason, it is extremely important to promote awareness of the heritage that concerns us closely. 

Technology and the environment are the promoters of this mission of which Firenzecolor and Novacolor Italia are spokespersons: “Let’s Go Bold” is the event designed to enhance the Novacolor products that contribute to developing and preserving the contemporary heritage that surrounds us.

The absolute protagonist of this event will be Wall2Floor, the microcement system that symbolizes the state of the art in terms of innovation for continuous systems for horizontal and vertical surfaces. In fact, the multilayer mineral coating achieves seamless, monolithic continuous finishes capable of satisfying aesthetic and functional needs. Wall2Floor translates with modern and traditional architectures, offering solutions in line with the most demanding projects.

The focus will then go on the Archi+ Argilla and CalceCruda mineral plasters. We will also discuss metallic effects such as Metallo_Fuso liquid metal finish as well as the concrete effects of Archi+ Concrete.

Firenzecolor™ Let's Get Bold Event for Architects


Firenzecolor™ Let's Get Bold Event for Architects

There is no theory without practice and there is no practice without theory. But what would happen if these two stages of learning were amalgamated into an appointment in which fun was the master?

The experience and knowledge of Novacolor master applicators is about to take to the field in a day dedicated to decoration. Artisans and color fans will be able to meet and put into practice their creativity and skills!

Novacolor products will act as muse during the live performances, with a particular focus on:

  • Wall2Floor, the microcement continuous coating system for floors and walls
  • Archi + Argilla and CalceCruda, clay and lime-based mineral plasters
  • Metallo_Fuso, decorative coating for interiors based on metallic powders
  • Archi+ Concrete, a wide range of concrete effect plasters, coatings and paints.


Special Guest & Master Instructor Luca Donati


Novacolor - Luca Donati

Featured Applicator

Budh Design Inc.

Budh Design Inc.–“BUDH Design Inc is an NYC based company that specializes in Painting and Decorative Finishes. Our Decorative Finishes range from Venetian Plaster to Wallpaper, Epoxy, imitation of Natural Stones, Fabrics or any texture/finish one envisions. Our Artisans have over 20 years of experience in Italy alone, which allows us to offer high quality service and products that each of our clients expect.

Firenzecolor™ BUY MORE, SAVE MORE

Welcome to Firenzecolor™

Welcome to Firenzecolor™

Our range of products include Italian Grassello, Marmorino Plasters, Metallic Coatings, Seamless Floor Lime and Cement mixtures, as well as Micro-cements. We have decades long relationships with Premium Italian manufacturers including Novacolor SRL which to date is our most important partner in bringing you the hottest products available in the decorative finishing world.

We have also invested in the Mass Balance Approach, pioneered by BASF, to promote products that will leave a lighter footprint on our precious planet. At Firenzecolor™ we are passionate about the creative process, and specialize in making sure our clients achieve consistent success.

The success of the  Firenzecolor™ brand is underscored by the fact that our products are being used in some of the most prestigious zip codes in the country. 

Architectural Binder Vol 1 – Brera Collection & Architectural Binder Vol 2 – Tortona Collection. Each Architectural Binder contains 10 of our professional catalogs which are sure to sell your project. Each product catalog contains numerous color samples of each finish. The binders are effective tools for architectural libraries.

Architectural Binders
Firenzecolor™ Architectural Binder Vol 1 & 2
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Firenzecolor™ Dealers Wanted

Firenzecolor™ is the USA premier supplier of fine imported sustainable coatings. Our range of products include Italian Grassello, Marmorino Plasters, Metallic Coatings, Seamless Floor Lime/Cement mixtures, as well as microcements. Our Premium Italian manufacturer partners include Novacolor SRL which to date is our most important partner, bringing to you the hottest products available in the decorative finishing world.

Firenzecolor™ Showrooms are open by appointment & our warehouses are open to supply you building materials via shipping and curb side delivery. Call us to arrange a visit or place your order here and call us at (877)- FIRENZE for help if you encounter any difficulty with our online store.

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Our Technical Service Team is here for you, whether you are developing a particular control sample or just honing your skills on a particular technique.

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Read more about our investment in the Mass Balance Approach, pioneered by BASF, to promote products that will leave a lighter footprint on our precious planet

The Right Tool

Armand Paul Hoafat explains the principles behind Venetian application tools. Get marvelous wall finishes while applying Italian Plaster techniques. Learn how to use the right tool for the right job!

Firenzecolor - XTrowel Marmorino Tools
Firenzecolor™ - Color

Custom Coloration

We specialize in custom tinting. Liquid pigments are precisely matched to industry colors and measured by volume to match colors for your design.

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Firenzecolor™ distributes to all of North America. Inquire about your business potential.

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