Firenzecolor™ Free Webinar

We invite you to spend some time with our Team for a complete demonstration on step by step applications and explanations of these products:

  1. Shimmercoat
  2. Milano Silver
  3. Milano Gold
  4. Teodorico

You will have an opportunity during the Webinar to ask your own questions which will be directed to Elliott by Armand Paul Hoafat, President of Firenze Enterprises, Inc. who serves as your host and moderator.

Register in advance for this Firenzecolor™ Webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Elliott R. Hall

Firenzecolor™ Past Webinars & Success!

Firenzecolor™ Webinars

Sat, Jan 9, 2021

Some comments from the Attendees:

  • “Very informative. Look forward to the next training session”
  • “Enjoyed the bi-lateral input from both Armand and Elliot. Looking forward to next seminar. Thanks again.”
  • “I’m glad you mention you guys sell sample size quart cans for doing sample boards before I buy a whole bunch of the product for a client.”
  • “This was great, I love being introduced to different products and seeing them used! I would love to know more about application on a larger scale. Perhaps how each product performs on large walls, are they seamless, if not how do you work with that to make it look nice. Looking forward to the next webinar and trying out some new products!”
  • “Great demo and explanations of the product!”
  • “This was very instructional, I will be ordering materials. Thank you!”
  • “Thank you very much for a well presented, informative webinar. The products demonstrated were extremely beautiful and inspiring.”
  • “New to this trade! Feel in love with it ever since i saw the videos on YouTube & research you website & want to learn it. Hopefully i can make it to class on the 22 of January. Thank you so much. Great job.”
  • “What a nice way to introduce the techniques.”
  • “Love the webinar trainings provided.”
  • “Thank you, my second webinar and they’re exactly what I need to confidently begin using your products.”

Wed, Nov 18, 2020

Some comments from the Attendees:

  • “I would like to see an example of marble veins carved into the application in a future webinar. So far all my questions are being answered and I look forward to the next one.”
  • “I’ve been using your products for years and I so appreciate the consistency and professionalism. By far the most reliable in color matching out of any other products I’ve worked with.”
  • “Excellent and informative!!! Thank you so much!”
  • “Great line of products, great presentation . Thank you!”
  • “Thank you so much. Enjoyed learning more about your products. I’m a visual artist, and muralist living in Canada, and looking to learn how to do Fresco Paintings.”
  • “Webinar of great value!”
  • “You guys are the best! Elliot explains everything so clearly and concisely.” 
    “Would really love a full webinar on doing showers from start to finish. I’ve done a few and they keep me up at night worrying about them failing one day. Appreciate you all so much. Thank you!”
  • “Looking forward to using some of you products ! Thanks”
  • “I would love a webinar on working with the metals. Thanks. It was a great webinar.”
  • “Very helpful knowing and understanding the products better. Makes it easier to sell and create new possibilities for customers.”

Sat, Nov 14, 2020.

Some comments from the Attendees:

  • “Hi Paul well done and keep on with these perhaps one day an event on a project in field!”
  • “Excellent job. Fuso & Stencils on the next one please!”
  • “I felt it was a good space to ask questions and it allowed DIYers like myself to ask questions along with those already using the materials. I liked that both types of people were on the webinar as it gives me a heads up about concerns others have when using the product. I also like that there is a shower option (walls to floor). Thank you Armand and Elliot for your time and professionalism, I will be ordering from you guys soon.”
  • “Do more often this webinars. Every time we learn something new!”
  • “Thank you guys for making it easy to reach out much needed!”