Novacolor™ in partnership with BASF’s mission to bring you eco-sustainability in responsibly manufactured products.

Novacolor™ Green Approach: Design and Wellbeing

Novacolor™ Green Approach: Design and WellbeingNovacolor™ is extremely sensitive towards environmental issues. As a result, the company has made significant progress in recent years by reducing the use of toxic substances and solvents in its products. Novacolor™ manufactures and distributes innovative materials worldwide, with a very low release of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). In addition, the company is strategically committed to the analysis of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of all the products. LCA studies the whole life cycle of a product and its environmental impact.

Novacolor™ meets the challenges of ecology and sustainability with products such as Africa, CalceCruda, Puro and Patina Minerale, that sensitively reduce the formaldehyde in the surrounding air. Novacolor™ offers its customers more sustainable paints while maintaining the same quality standards as ever. This is possible thanks to the Mass Balance approach, that decreases the emissions of CO2 into the air with a drastic reduction of fossil resources, in favor of renewable resources coming in particular from the exploitation of biomass.

It is therefore a real revolution in the world of paints that will change not only the habits of the consumers, but also the entire market by offering everyone an extra chance to contribute in a real and tangible way to the protection of the world and the welfare of its inhabitants. Novacolor™ decorative textures make the environment unique and elegant while contemporarily improving our life standards.

Benefits of the BASF biomass balance approach:

BASF’s biomass balance approach contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in BASF’s integrated production system and can be applied to the majority of BASF’s product portfolio.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions and save fossil resources
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves fossil resources
  • Drives the use of renewable resources
  • Is independently certified
  • Ensures identical product quality and properties

BASF developed the innovative “biomass balance method” together with TÜV SÜD, in which fossil resources in the current Production Verbund are replaced by renewable resources with sustainability certification. The formulation and quality of the corresponding end products remain unchanged. In this process, renewable raw materials are used as feedstock at the very beginning of production in the Verbund, and allocated to the respective sales products using the novel certification method. The certified products thus contribute to sustainable development by saving fossil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit BASF here to read more about their sustainable approach to sourcing raw materials in partnership with Novacolor™ products. Firenzecolor™ has invested in responsible sourcing to protect our precious planet.

Benefits of the BASF biomass balance approach