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Firenzecolor™ News Releases

To Our Valued Customers

To Our Valued Customers

Sep. 30th 2021 – The Decades Old Art of Venetian Plaster

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

Home Design Podcast

Episode Description
Have you been thinking about painting your home, but want something more? Venetian Wall Plaster is an art form that is over 7,000 years old. It is an ancient art that has been revived in the most exciting ways. Gian of Exotic Wall Finishes has turned this art into one of the top design applications here in South Florida. Gian makes #sexywalls for all types of homes, rooms, and businesses.In this podcast, we will discover how Gian got his start in Venetian Wall Plaster, what inspires him, and what YOU, the homeowner, should know about Venetian Plaster. Listen as our Host, Adam Kayce dives into the world of Venetian Plaster with the EXPERT!The Home Design Podcast is dedicated to bringing you all the information you need to know to help you with your next home project. Discover, Be Inspired, and Shop Direct at the Home Design and Remodeling Show!Find Exotic Wall Finishes online here, and follow them on Instagram @exoticwallfinishes. Discover Home Shows at homeshows.net and @flhomeshows.

Firenzecolor™ - The Decades Old Art of Venetian Plaster

Jan. 13th 2021 – Dealers and Distributors Wanted!

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

Let OUR brand grow YOUR business! 

In order to meet the growing demand for products, we are actively looking to partner with distributors and dealers. If you are looking to expand your product offerings or trying to reach a new market, Firenzecolor™ may be the partner for you.

We are actively looking for Distributors and Dealers, in the United States and the Caribbean, who are searching for high quality wall coatings to help grow their business. We offer high end wall coatings such as at competitive prices, providing profitable margins for both Distributors and Dealers. If you are interested in becoming a Firenzecolor™ distributor, please contact our headquarters in the US by filling out this FORM.

Thank you for your interest in the distribution of our products and joining the Firenzecolor™ team!

Firenzecolor™ Dealers Wanted

Jan. 11th 2021 – Firenzecolor™ is now in LA

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

Firenzecolor™ products are now Available in Los Angeles California through Vibrant Wall Finishers. Contact Alex Marcias for an appointment.

Vibrant Wall Finishes
Alex Macias - Vibrant Wall Finishes

Jan. 9th 2021 – Another Successful Firenzecolor™ Webinar

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

Another very successful webinar took place Saturday January 9th, 2021. The participation of those attending was vivid, they asked many interesting questions and our Venetian Plaster experts Elliott Hall and Armand Paul Hoafat answered exhaustively.

These are some of the attendees’ feedbacks just to mention a few:

  • “Very informative. Look forward to the next training session”
  • “Enjoyed the bi-lateral input from both Armand and Elliot. Looking forward to next seminar. Thanks again.”
  • “This was great, I love being introduced to different products and seeing them used!”
  • “Great demo and explanations of the product!”

All the attendees loved it because they had the chance to see firsthand how to apply some of our products and we could answer all their questions. If there is anything you’d like us to discuss or demonstrate in our webinars, please feel free to email us with your requests. We invite you to join our next webinar!

Nov. 20th 2020 – Successful Firenzecolor™ Webinar

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

We recently had two webinars, one on Saturday 14th and on Wednesday 18th. We are very happy to say they were a total success. Some attendees joined us from as far away as Canada and South America.

All the attendees loved it because they had the chance to see firsthand how to apply some of our products and we could answer all their questions. If there is anything you’d like us to discuss or demonstrate in our webinars, please feel free to email us with your requests. We invite you to join our next webinar!

Firenzecolor™ Webinars

Nov. 19th 2020 – New Product Florenzia in Stock by Firenzecolor™

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

The slaked lime coating from the Italian tradition, natural and ecological.

Novacolor has recently launched a new product that responds perfectly to the ever-increasing needs of families, and consequently of architects and decorators, for a totally natural and ecological solution. Florenzia is a mineral coating formulated with seasoned slaked air lime for the decoration of interior walls, completely free of toxic substances so as to ensure healthier environments and greater psychophysical well-being. The product was inspired by the great architects of the past such as Vitruvio and Palladio, or the exponents of the twentieth century such as Carlo Scarpa. The application of Florenzia makes it possible to create high quality, glossy effect decorations in vibrant tones, with a touch of heritage that reminds on the great buildings of the past.

Slaked lime is in fact an ancient product. Already the Romans and the Phoenicians had learned to use lime as a building material, mixed with sand to form the mortar. Vitruvio, in his work De architectura, describes its production from white stones, baked in kilns (calcareous) where they lose weight (now we know as a result of the release of carbon dioxide). The material obtained, the quicklime, was then “extinguished” by throwing it into tanks full of water.

Initially used in the form of “air lime” (which only hardens when in contact with air), it was later mixed with pieces of cooked clay (tableware, bricks etc.) or pozzolana, a sand rich in silica, which alter its characteristics of resistance and waterproofness, but above all allow it to be taken even in environments not in contact with air (typically underwater). Thus the “hydraulic coatings” were born, although based on air lime.

The technical and aesthetic properties of lime paints, such as chemical-physical efficiency, breathability, compatibility with the substrate, softness of tones, richness and brilliance of the chromatic components, compared with those of other types of wall paints, have always been known and, even today, are the object of great attention. The lime dispersed in water until it reaches the aspect of cow’s milk represents the oldest, cheapest and most noble finishing system of architectural surfaces, both internal and external.

The lime dyes also allow the creation of a rich “color mix”, using inorganic pigments (natural earths) and mineral oxides such as those of the range Le Terre di Novacolor, a selection of ochres, earths, brown oxides and pigments of mineral origin, finely ground, characterized by resistance to alkalinity and light. Coloring Florenzia with Le Terre di Novacolor, you achieve aesthetic effects with a natural appearance and with vibrant, deep tones.

Florenzia has all the best characteristics of the ancient slaked lime with the addition of modern technical components that make the product highly performing and high-quality.

Florenzia in Stock by Firenzecolor™
Florenzia in Stock by Firenzecolor™
Florenzia in Stock by Firenzecolor™

Nov. 18th 2020 – Ambience Architectural Coatings

Firenzecolor™ News Releases

Firenzecolor™ is proud to announce the addition of Ambience Architectural Coatings to its distribution of Firenzecolor™ and Novacolor™ products.

Ambience is the leading company in industrial, decorative, and high quality epoxy systems in Puerto Rico. Ambience Architectural is where designers, architects, and contractors find products for their projects. With their new partnership with Firenzecolor™, Ambience will be providing training seminars, sales, and service to their customers.

Ultimas Noticias

Firenzecolor™ está complacido en anunciar la adición de Ambience Architectural Coatings como nuevo distribuidor de Novacolor y nuestros productos Firenzecolor™.

La compañía Ambience lleva la delantera en sistemas industriales, decorativos y epoxi de alta calidad en Puerto Rico. Ambience Architectural es donde los diseñadores, arquitectos y contratistas encuentran piezas y productos únicos para sus proyectos. Por su nueva asociación con Firenzecolor™, Ambience proveerá seminarios de entrenamiento, ventas y servicios para sus clientes.

Ambience Architectural Coatings Inc