Introducing Materia Viva: A New Era in Interior Design

We are thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our product line: Materia Viva. Officially debuted at the Milan Design Week 2024, Materia Viva is set to redefine the standards of interior wall coatings with its innovative and nature-inspired composition.

What is Materia Viva?

Materia Viva is a revolutionary mineral powder coating designed for interior use. Crafted from hydraulic lime, aerial lime, carefully selected aggregates, and rheological modifiers, it offers exceptional workability and versatility. When mixed with Materia Viva Deco Powders, it creates stunning, modern decorative effects.

Combining Materia Viva with natural materials like Cocciopesto, Shells, Pumice, or Cork grains allows us to rediscover and reinterpret the traditional decorative finishes of Italian and Mediterranean architecture with a contemporary twist.

Materia Viva - Firenzecolor

Key Features of Materia Viva:

  • Natural Raw Materials: Sustainably sourced components.
  • Pozzolanic Properties: Enhanced durability and strength.
  • Light Plaster Weight: Easy application and handling.
  • High Artistic Value: Creates exquisite, unique finishes.
  • Breathable Coating: Promotes healthy indoor air quality.
  • Thermal-Acoustic Insulation: Provides comfort and noise reduction (especially with cork/pumice).

Materia Viva: The Story of an Encounter

Materia Viva is more than a product; it’s a journey into the heart of nature. Inspired by an ancient connection with the environment, it transforms natural elements into unique surface finishes that evoke a sense of warmth and tranquility. By blending lime with natural fragments, Materia Viva encapsulates the essence of nature, offering a palette of colors, sensations, and sounds that enrich any interior space.

Featured Materials:

This material captures the timeless beauty of Mediterranean architecture. Cocciopesto continually reveals new shades, honoring its rich heritage and adding depth to any surface.

Shell fragments dance with light, creating a dynamic and elegant maritime landscape. Conchiglia brings the treasures of the sea into your space, offering a shimmering, sophisticated touch.

Known for its lightness and texture, Pomice introduces a play of soft shadows and contrasts. It brings a rhythmic and dynamic feel, enhancing the visual and tactile experience of your interiors.

Soft and protective, Sughero (cork) speaks the language of luxury and silence. It offers a tactile experience that soothes and comforts, adding an element of serene sophistication to your decor.

About Materia Viva

Materia Viva represents a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition. By incorporating natural fragments into lime, it brings the essence of nature directly into your home. This collection is a testament to the enduring beauty and power of nature, providing an environment that is both modern and timeless.

Explore the endless possibilities with Materia Viva and transform your interior spaces into works of art.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the beauty of nature like never before with Materia Viva. Coming soon!