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Bespoke finishes & coatings in the stucco Veneziano tradition

At Firenzecolor MIAMI+NEW YORK, our mission has been to educate both the Plastering and Interior Decorating communities of the value of historical products and methods of application that have been used in Europe as traditional wall finishes for centuries.

Combining the environmentally friendly natural products produced in this traditional method with modern techniques and taste., Firenzecolor products  have become a favorite among Architects, Interior Designers, and Italian plaster applicators.

We consistently fulfill our continued goal of supplying  a wide selection of the best decorative coatings on the market as well  as the support and training to turn these products into beautiful spaces.

 Retailer of Imported Venetian Plasters, Marmorino Plaster, Microcement, Microcemento, Wall2Floor,  and Metallic Paints & Coatings, Italian Plasters, Novacolor Products and more. Buy our products online, we ship all over the US and are based out of Miami Florida and New York.


Thank you for expressing an interest in our product line. With our 21+ years of experience and experimenting we have used our knowledge to create several intense series of Workshops so that every client can find the right level of instruction for them.  These classes range from a beginner status all the way to troubleshooting particular areas that they personally need improvement in. If you are interested in training please email us at or call us at 877-347-3693. This is a brief overview of the classes that we implement at Firenzecolor MIAMI+NEW YORK.


The New Classic (ENG and ESPANOL)

“The New Classic”

Class Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm

 The New Classic

Firenzecolor is passionate about the art of decorative finishes and we enjoy the training  process. If you are interested in learning how to use our wide variety of products, this class is a great introduction to the Firenzecolor product line. It features today’s classic finishes and textures and utilizes a wide variety of our products. We cover popular lime based finishes, microcement, and metallics. We show you which primer would be appropriate for your finish and what sealer to use. Spend the day with us and walk away with 8 large finished boards (20”x20”) to add to your portfolio.

 The “New Classic” starts at 8:00am and runs to about 4:30pm.

 Space is limited to make sure everyone can get the attention they need. 

 Snacks, beverages, and lunch is included. We recommend you bring your Venetian Plasters tools so we can check them but it is not required.

 If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 877-347-3693.


Firenzecolor es un apasionado del arte de los acabados decorativos y disfrutamos el proceso de capacitación. Si está interesado en aprender a usar nuestra amplia variedad de productos, esta clase es una excelente introducción a la línea de productos Firenzecolor. Cuenta con los acabados y texturas clásicas de hoy en día y utiliza una amplia variedad de nuestros productos. Cubrimos acabados populares basados en cal, microcemento y metalizados. Le mostramos qué texturas sería apropiada para su acabado y qué sellador usar. Pase el día con nosotros y camine con 8 tablas de gran tamaño (20 "x 20") para agregar a su cartera.

 El "Nuevo Clásico" comienza a las 8:00 a.m. y dura alrededor de las 4:30p.m.

 Intentamos limitar el espacio para que todos puedan obtener la atención que necesitan.

 Aperitivos, bebidas y almuerzo están incluidos. Le recomendamos que traiga sus herramientas de enyesados venecianos para que podamos verificarlos, pero no es necesario.

 Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en llamarnos al 877-347-3693.

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Metallo Fuso Workshop NY 05/23/19
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Been There Done That (CALL TO SCHEDULE)

This advanced class is for those with basic application knowledge of Firenzecolor products and want more. This class features stencil utilization, two tone effects, cross mixing products, and decorative tools to achieve beautiful outcomes. Special requests can be made in advance by sending in something incredible you are trying to replicate. Put our skills to the test and together we can take you to the next level!


Troubleshooting With The Experts (CALL TO SCHEDULE)

This class is awesome and is truly unique. How many times have you been on a job or trying to come up with a sample but something seems to go wrong and you have no idea how to fix it? Everyday at Firenzecolor we get troubleshooting questions that we help clients try to solve. It's hard when it's just being discussed over the phone without actually troubleshooting it together. This class offers one on one solutions based on your needs. The participants pick their class date and then write in there issues before hand. During the class we will discuss and go over your troubleshooting issues step by step hands on so it's never an issue again.