Archi+ Pietra Intonaco


Decorative coating for interiors, based on hydraulic lime with bigger grain

Archi+ Pietra Intonaco is a mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors. It is made of natural hydraulic lime NHL 3,5 (EN 459-1), aerial lime, specific aggregates and rheological modifiers carefully selected to ensure an excellent workability. The particular formulation allows the attainment of top quality finishes. For the protection of the surfaces decorated with Archi+ Pietra Intonaco, two different solutions are available: Non film forming protection: recommended wherever a good resistance to water and various soluble hydro and oleo substances is required. It can be done by applying two or more layers of Nova_Wall Care (hydro-oleo-repellent wax), that protects the surface without modifying the aesthetic aspect. It is the classic solution for this kind of finish. Film forming protection: it is recommended in all cases where you want to achieve a valid surface protection against cold liquids, dry heat and humid heat. It is achievable by applying a layer of Mineral Sealer (bi-component primer) and two layers of one of the Clear Finish Countertop Protection finishes (bi-component finish).

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Firenzecolor™ Archi Pietra Intonaco
Archi+ Pietra Intonaco
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