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At Firenzecolor MIAMI+NEW YORK, our mission has been to educate both the Plastering and Interior Decorating communities of the value of historical products and methods of application that have been used in Europe as traditional wall finishes for centuries.

Combining the environmentally friendly natural products produced in this traditional method with modern techniques and taste., Firenzecolor products  have become a favorite among Architects, Interior Designers, and Italian plaster applicators.

We consistently fulfill our continued goal of supplying  a wide selection of the best decorative coatings on the market as well  as the support and training to turn these products into beautiful spaces.

 Retailer of Imported Venetian Plasters, Marmorino Plaster, Microcement, Microcemento, Wall2Floor,  and Metallic Paints & Coatings, Italian Plasters, Novacolor Products and more. Buy our products online, we ship all over the US and are based out of Miami Florida and New York.

Why are so many clients pushing metallic finishes?



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Why are so many clients pushing metallic finishes?


Metallic Coating trends are on the rise. First noticed in Europe and now being seen more in the USA, clients are more often looking for the luxurious, elegant feel than metallic finishes can offer. There are still some States that have not seen the demand and are still remaining traditional with rustic finishes, but should remain educated on this growing fad. This past year we went to the Milan Expo in Italy and were very surprised at what we saw. Never before did we attend a show in which every booth except for one belonging to an old school company were displaying primarily metallic coatings.
This made us very curious and we began really analyzing the current US Market for Metallics and our metallic lines. After reaching out to consumers and dealers, the following were some of the points frequently discussed:
Client: "Metallics seem more expensive that Venetian Plaster"
Answer: While the product itself may be more expensive by volume, we find that often, because of the ease of use and generally fewer required coats, a lower labor cost more than compensates for this. In addition, the finish desired should be the determining factor in what a person chooses, and the added elegance of metallic coatings not only rounds out your portfolio, but may be exactly what appeals to your next client.
Client: "Metallics are harder to apply than Venetian Plaster Finishes"
Answer: While this may be the case with some company’s metallic offerings, our metallic line has become well known for not only its versatility, but its ease of application and maintenance. The products are lighter weight in comparison to plaster and therefore less strain on your body to apply. Certainly our most user-friendly line of architectural coatings, they often require only 1 or 2 coats to achieve spectacular looks. This makes our metallics sometimes even more profitable than traditional Venetian Plaster!
Client: "My client is paying a lot of money for the Art of Venetian Plaster, why would I use a paint?"
Answer: Our metallic coatings are far different from simple paint. These products produce high-quality, multidimensional decorative finishes that compliment and define a room - whether modern or classical décor.
Client: "I use lime based Venetian Plaster because it is more sustainable"
Answer: While the material itself has been developed with modern methods and ingredients, these metallics remain water-based and non toxic. The pigments used to color continue to be low or no-VOC, just like with lime based venetian plasters. Maintenance is simple and not costly without being taxing on applicators or the environment. When using the Firenzecolor Washable Clear Coat, durability is dramatically increased as well as the life of the product.
Our mission with Metallics is to not only stay on the cutting edge of the Architectural Coatings Industry but also to educate our consumers. For more information feel free to contact one of our representatives regarding any of our metallic lines by calling 718-361-7734. You can also check out our website at or for product videos you can visit our youtube channel by visting

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