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Venetian Plasters, Metallic Finishes, Concrete Floor Systems

At Firenzecolor MIAMI+NEW YORK, our mission has been to educate both the Plastering and Interior Decorating communities of the value of historical products and methods of application that have been used in Europe as traditional wall finishes for centuries.

Combining the environmentally friendly natural products produced in this traditional method with modern techniques and taste., Firenzecolor products  have become a favorite among Architects, Interior Designers, and Italian plaster applicators.

We consistently fulfill our continued goal of supplying  a wide selection of the best decorative coatings on the market as well  as the support and training to turn these products into beautiful spaces.




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If you are looking to add extra sheen to your Venetian Plaster this is a great sealant. It has the high sheen benefit of a wax with the user friendliness of a soapstone sealant. Every liter covers approx. 300 sq ft on a smooth shiny Venetian Plaster.

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