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At Firenzecolor MIAMI+NEW YORK, our mission has been to educate both the Plastering and Interior Decorating communities of the value of historical products and methods of application that have been used in Europe as traditional wall finishes for centuries.

Combining the environmentally friendly natural products produced in this traditional method with modern techniques and taste., Firenzecolor products  have become a favorite among Architects, Interior Designers, and Italian plaster applicators.

We consistently fulfill our continued goal of supplying  a wide selection of the best decorative coatings on the market as well  as the support and training to turn these products into beautiful spaces.

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Krystalia Powder 100gr

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Krystalia Powder 100gr


Krystalia powder is actual shaven down pieces of metal which have a very laminating sparkle. You can add Krystalia powder to Dune or Swahili for an added sparkle effect. If you are doing a coarser smooth application of Venetian you can add it to the Cera Nuetral wax and trowel it on. It can also be added to Acrylak or the Metallic Clear Coat and rolled on most porous finishes. 

Size 100 grams 

Typical ratio in Venetian Plaster (NOT FINE GRAIN) is 200 grams per 20 or 24 kilos. 

Typical ratio in Metallics  is 20grams per liter. 

Adding this mica into a fine grain Venetian may cause scratches in the final coat which is why we don't recommend it. It works best in Dunes, Swahilis, Clear coats, and Venetians with larger aggregates like KS Marmorino, Carrara Coarse, Teodorico, Marmur Fine, etc. 

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